Monday, February 18, 2013

Malam ini
Aku hilang dalam fikiranku
Aku seakan perintih
Mengenang yang silam
Membaca yang datang

Malam ini
Dunia seakan berhenti
Detik seakan kaku
Aku bingung dengan diriku
Apakah aku masih wujud

Malam ini
Sunyi seakan berbisik
Tentang suatu tempoh
Masa yang masih tersisa
Apakah aku masih punya

Malam ini
Kurasakan sepi
Kurasakan takut
Kurasakan sesal
Kurasakan kosong

Malam ini
Aku mahu pergi
Tenggelam dalam ilusi
Hilang dari dunia

Saturday, February 16, 2013

I wanna be free
Splashing the colors into the rainbow
Holding the brush drawing the paint
Seeing the world through the frame

I wanna be free
Moving my fingers on the keys
Playing some songs of melody
Dancing to the rhythms of memories

I wanna be free
Capturing the sound of birds
Grabbing the beauty of nature
Lying down on the ground silently

I just wanna be free
Become me, like I used to be
With the gift from Him
Not a man-made me
The passionate that fading away
Still it's breathing
Somewhere in my heartbeats
I was numb
unable to move
I stand still
I am corpse
With a life as a gift
But I am lifeless, hopeless

But why God
You still giving
I have no more words left
To thank You
I am useless
as a slave, as a creature
I never have trust on me
But my body getting warmer
Coz of You

Somehow with some unknown reasons
I sense my time, it's getting near
Another immortal life
Shall arrive to grab me
Let me taste the life of death
With time that have been fixed on me

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I lived in the past and I came here by the time-machine
I see the world in black and white
I was far in the fantasy U can't find me
The sky is black, the rain is red
My skin pale and white, my eyes plain black

My foot on the ground
But my mind flying free above
I will never stop fighting
Declaring war against me
I hate me, I love me
I'm good, I'm bad
Still my enemy beneath my skin
Running through my blood
And I will never stop fighting
To conquer and lead myself
My body and my soul

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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